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Henrik Simonsen

  • 'Red and Blue'

  • 33 in × 33 in (83.82 cm x 83.82 cm)
  • Screenprint, edition of 60. signed by the artist, 2011
  • £495.00(£412.50 excluding VAT)
    • €568.607(€473.839 excluding VAT) All prices are approximate
    • $790.812($659.01 excluding VAT) All prices are approximate

Danish artist Henrik Simonsen engages with a Western tradition of flower paintings and still life, approaching it in a contemporary way. His charcoal drawings and paintings depict unspoiled common field plants and flowers, rather than the cultivated blooms usually found in traditional flower paintings. Simonsen’s Scandinavian background is stylistically evident in his economy of colour and line, and his use of space and light, along with the dominance of nature as the subject matter.

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