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Andrea Allan

  • 'Walkways'

  • 20 in × 30 in (50.8 cm x 76.2 cm)
  • C-type print, mounted on aluminium Signed by the artist 2010
  • £960.00(£800.00 excluding VAT)
    • €1102.94(€919.12 excluding VAT) All prices are approximate
    • $1533.98($1278.32 excluding VAT) All prices are approximate

What began as a personal journey for Andrea Allan into understanding how power stations work and contemplating their contribution to society has transformed into a series of images that aim to challenge our views on issues that deal with sustainable energy production. The alien-like structures coming out of the dark interior of the station seeks to reflect the way that society has pushed the artefact of the power station into the very periphery of its consciousness, and consequently devolved its understanding of a major source of its energy.

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