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11th March 2010

Success in business is measured in whether you are able to get your works shown and sold. That doesn’t mean you will not be a successful “artist” just if your goal is to sell you work then these few tips will help you to do just that.

1. "Being Discovered" does not happen

5th March 2010

Here at KounterKulture we send and receive a huge amount of emails, prompting the crucial question: how can you make yours stand out from the crowd? The answer: use an email signature! Not enough people have these - a fact which can be turned to your advantage if you spend some time on yours. You're an artist, so get creative! An attention-grabbing email signature can be a great way to sell yourself, providing a snapshot of your style.

3rd March 2010

Artists - A chance to get your work seen in a gallery.

Traditionally, artists submit photos of their work to galleries, who act as gatekeepers. The gallery decides which works they will show and which ones they pass on.

KounterKulture, an online gallery based on the concepts of Web 2.0, is looking to change that process.

2nd March 2010

Here is some exclusive footage of Hush live in his studio, working on a brand new work! Enjoy! You'll find it in his archive, available to view whenever you're craving a bit of urban art relief!

Sit back, relax, and watch Hush hard at work!

1st March 2010

Believe it or not, there are still artists out there who do not have an email account; it’s strange but true! 15 years ago this was the norm, but times are a-changing more quickly than ever, and with the KounterKulture focus falling firmly in the realms of brand-new and innovative technologies, we'll be the first ones to encourage anyone and everyone, especially all the budding artist out there, to get online! The internet's a big place, and an indispensible tool for getting your name out there and generating interest in your work! Don't you want to show it to the world!

26th February 2010

So, one of the goals of KK was to make it possible to never have to physically visit a gallery. To accomplish this goal we have added a zoom feature to our art work that is just incredible.

From Sophia’s hurt you can see the canvas and brush strokes. If you wanted to, you could reconstruct the artists painting brush stroke by brush stroke using this zoom tech.

Check out the different works on the site to see the detail.

25th February 2010

Being able to document your own artwork is essential as an artist. There are two reasons why you want to create pictures of your own art: One, is to generate interest in seeing the actual work if you people can not see it in person, nine times out of ten you will not have the opportunity to show your original work; the other is with websites like KounterKulture it is possible to see every detail of the work so that collectors do not have to see the work in person. This last aspect will save everyone time and money which can only help you with sales.


25th February 2010

So we got our first press article! Check it out.

If for some reason you can not link to it here is a summary of the article-

NEWCASTLE.- KounterKulture, the brainchild of Newcastle-based gallery Opus Art, promises to revolutionise the art market by giving art lovers an unprecedented level of access to contemporary artists, their work, and a location for collectors to trade their pieces commission free.

21st February 2010

When the idea for KounterKulture was first conceived, the driving idea was to replace the traditional gallery experience. A key part of that vision is to allow access into the artists’ studio.

2nd December 2009

Following the completion of his Masters in Fine Art from Newcastle University in 2009, for which he achieved a distinction, Karl de Vroomen was awarded a Hole Editions Postgraduate Print Award, and has been in the studio for the last fortnight making monotypes! The process is new to him and the prints are new for the Opus Art Gallery, and we have to say we’re impressed!