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Henrik Simonsen: New to KounterKulture

We’re thrilled to have work from Henrik Simonsen now available on KounterKulture.

Available works include the luscious Edo, Silver, Rock’coco, Midnight and Rococo Blue, which depict unspoiled flora and fauna approached in a contemporary way, rather than the cultivated blooms usually found in traditional flower paintings. Danish-born Simonsen’s Scandinavian background is evident in the fragile blooms he depicts.

KounterKulture chatted with Henrik about his current work and his influences and inspirations, and his plans for the future:
‘My work has gone through quite a few changes over the last two years. 
I have done a lot of experimenting and pushing myself to explore new possibilities within my subject matter.

The new work has a sharper graphical quality, with bolder colours and a more playful edge to it than earlier work.

Important elements in the new work are a flatness that comes from my fascination with Chinese and Japanese painting, 18 century interior art and a touch of eerie Nordic fairytales. On my mind at the moment is a series of work that moves closer to the world of fairytales. I think my interest in fairytales is that it’s a world that suspends reality and where everything is possible’.
Our five currently available paintings from Henrik Simonsen are priced from £2,100, or register your interest in this artist to be kept updated about new work.

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