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Teresa Duck: Sneak Peek At New Work

We are very excited to offer collectors the chance to view highly intriguing images of new works in progress by Teresa Duck.

In her work Teresa Duck seeks to combine representational, allegorical and ornamental imagery in a reconciliation of opposites.  The resulting works can be seen as a challenging juxtaposition of the metaphysical and the authentic in an act of verisimilar singularity, lending the final composite the semblance of an organic whole in which the diverse themes and elements sit comfortably alongside one another, seeming natural in their new state.

Heavily influenced by metaphysics, the alchemical sciences of the past and popular psychology, Teresa Duck’s works become vehicles by which to explore intangible and abstract concepts and create ways in which to merge aspects of solid reality and abstract philosophical ideas in a definite space. As a result, these works are very much influenced by the archetypal imagery of the past and present, carrying with it as it does the assumptions and standards which, though often explicitly unrecognised, structure and influence our systems of thought, behaviour and belief at their very core.

Teresa Duck lives and works in Newcastle, where she gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Northumbria University, and has since exhibited in solo and group shows and art fairs throughout the UK, becoming a KounterKulture  founding artist in 2010.

Below are the sneak peeks of  Teresa Duck’s latest work.

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